Rowans are bright n getting fuller :-)


11th july 2020 - Ickle pic of some of the harvested herbs from last week, will be making these into smudge sticks and including them in with herb kits lovely wormwood meadowsweet and yarrow from the wilds of scotland...



18th july 2020 - Beachcombing for shells and other seashore goodies, managed to find holey limpets and mermaids purses etc, very quiet what with lockdown , just the way i love it :-)


20th July 2020 - New Moon By candlelight dreaming the dream into being and listening to witchcraft documentaries on youtube :-) 


Here is 2020 uk moon phase calender (timeanddate.com)


Some orders packed , i always recycle cardboard boxes and jiffy bags etc more safer and secure than bought shipping boxes and bags more strength, customers always remark on how good and protected their items are delivered to them :-)


Always loved divination in more natural forms rather than conventional tarot from tea/coffee cup readings to spillages or cloud formations or animalbird omens etc always been lucky to receive them quite clearly and naturally mostly wihtout doing anything but i do like to read a cuppa or two :-)

#Tasseography #coffeereading #divination


27th july 2020

Went medicine and craft material hunting yesterday north west highlands found some lovely turkey tail and birch polypore medicine :-)


Before i went foraging i visited strathpeffer where i found this lovey place, perfect for moon scrying/bathing rituals after a bit of a clean lol :-)



Some Witches Briar Roses ready to bag up from last months forage up north

smell lovely and pungent :-) will be including them in with herb kits soon...


31st July 2020

Been making root crafts , here is a Horned Goddess Doll i made today , love working with roots very similar to cinnamon broom fiber , also made a witches whisk which i have for sale check out listings :-) 


1st Aug 2020

Happy Lammastide folks :-)

Picture from The Book of Days Oracle, by Yvonne Owens and Jessica North-O’Connell



Mon Aug 3rd 2020

Happy Full Moon Blessies Folks , hope you all have good one :-)


Pic from this weeks venture through the west highlands :-) very typical dreich scots day as usual,  or as i prefer to call it atmospheric :-) 

Tue 18th August 2020

Just back from a dander , here is a Pic from my venture , i went through to north west highlands , amazing weather , sun blasted whole time , seen lots of red kites , gathered lots of good craft materials and earthed my butt of :-)


Some Mushroom rough blanks i have been whitling :-) will be making into faery jars and other faeryness soon ,once dried and finished of :-)


Legendary White Heart <3 

Yes we ship worldwide, had few enquirys over past few days about shipping outside uk, we do indeed ! we have many customers in usa and europe and beyond , inbox for details/shipping quotes :-)


Herb Dryer Hanger Made today :-) i use these myself and came up with the idea in 1992 for all my herberys i forage n collect, simple yet works a treat :-)


24th Aug 2020 - Doings Tonight'y :-)

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25th aug 2020

Took a dander uo north and battled the storm winds was really bad could hardly walk lol, love the wind though clears the cobwebs away :-) gathered some very pungent mugwort again, best quality i have found yet , compared to sheffield plants more fresher and stronger with lots of seeds, smells divine in my house :-) 



Thursday 27th August 2020

Made this today Phewww.... quite a labour of love to say least, all made by hand with raw natural materials with few bought additions :-)

Standing witch ornament, Include one wooden broom, one stang, base holder which stang and broom slots into, mini iron cauldron , wand , athame , salt filled glass vial, witch bell hanger hanging herb bundles and dried putka seed pumpkin and tiny hanger bag of mugwort.
9 inches in height when erected.


Friday 28th August 2020


Been Busy Making Freya Love Bundles :-)

Made from mugwort , yarrow , cedar , witches briar rose petals all wild harvested in scottish highlands with hemp twine wrapping
6 1/2 inches long
Made with love and intent on freyas day (friday ) evoke love and healing and harmony into your space house and life.... They smell amazing :-) 


29th Aug 2020 , rather dodgy pic of moon :-)

not long until full moony :-)


Sunday 30th Aug 2020 - 

Todays Dandering up north beachcombing, found some lovely hagstones :-)



Mon 31st Aug 2020

Here is a Seawitch Star i made for a commision this morning , followed by a dander up to woods to cut wood for yule logs and collect mushrooms :-)  forgot camera haaa :)


2nd September 2020

Happy Full Moony Witches!!!



One word???

should i , how could i not?

#cute #familiar #kitty #cats


Hoodlamp birthed today on full moony , burning the candle betwixt the horns bringing wishes into being, hope you all get your wishes come trueth  :-)))))

Will be offering these for sale soon:-)



5th Sept 2020

Some Wildharvested Cedar and wild Mint smudge sticks i made earlier today :)


23rd sept 2020

Belated Equinox blessings, hope we all good :-)

Ickle dander through north west this morning foraging for roots bones and stones ets :-) lovely arange of plants n shrooms decked my way :-)




27th Sept 2020

Busy day creating brooms , hangers, prepping herbs and now pomanders, hope we all good :-)


MoonDay 28th 2020

First fire of autumn :-) 

1st Oct 2020 full moon 10.05pm tonight, hope its a good un for you all , may all your wishes come true :-)

Been a little dander into the woodels collecting shaggy incaps shrooms here are some piccys :-)


Moon Cakes :-)


9th October 2020

Morning, hope we all good, im sipping on some chaga tea with chaga i found yesterday. , warm glow calmness peacefullness agh bliss ...... this medicine is truly magical as us all that the birch tree gives us. From chaga to fly agaric to polypore and birch sap in spring it truly is the goddess of the forest, hail the birch the white goddess in the land 😀

and Not only tea but used in firelighting . Healing with moxibustion a deep personal interest to me which i have been treating clients with and reasearching for 8 years.

I will be offering limited quantity of healing sticks and tea in the shop soon... 

#birchtree #chaga #flyagaric #birchsap #tea #chagatea #birchpolyporemedicine #healing #incense #moxibustion #sustainable #wildharvested #goddess #naturalmedicine #chagascotland #otzitheiceman #forsale #shipworldwide



12th october 2020


Thursday 15th October 2020

Little dander to woods to drum and collect lichen etc , loads of crows and hawks around <3 



New Moon Blessings Folks :-) ...


Tues 3rd November 2020


Pentagram Herb Dryer

5 Pointed Star herb dryer 13 inch -
Made from honeysuckle vine and mugwort sticks cut and tied/bound with hemp twine.
comes with cedar,yarrow, mugwort , mullein, meadowsweer herb sprigs as shown in picture



Sorry been very busy with yule orders been mad since september nonstop! Hope we all good

here is a little pic of one of my fave stone circle :-)  9.1.21

Some clay goddess pendants ive been making :-)


New double sided drum ..... big enough?





Clootie Holy Well Water - spring clooties st boniface healing scottish magic blessings spells holy floor wash warding boundarys washing 

Now listed - holy water from clootie well fortrose in scoittish highlands taken with offerings and permission
perfect for healing or adding a drop to baths or spells or floor washes , house/self or tool blessings etc etc ....




hello all, i have been moving house and dont have proper internet due to rural location so few probs signal wise lol, bare with me, but im back and will be listing many items soon.. here is a beauty :-)  Many harvest  blessings to all <3 














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